The South African government failed in their mandate and the rainbow nation is a fallacy. During the past 23 years there has been progressive marginalization of the Afrikaners, notwithstanding that in the areas where Afrikaners have traditionally been the majority there has been blatant discrimination towards them on grounds of race as well as threats to misappropriate their assets.

The Afrikaner Society believes that all other options have been exhausted, and that the only way forward that will ensure a future for its people, language and culture, is an independent state, free of the domination, colonialization and oppression.

Completely Legal and Lawful

Self-Determination is guaranteed by South African, African and International law and is readily defined in the International conventions that have been co-signed by South Africa.

The principle is that any group of people, with a common culture and language, has the right to independence. The only action expected of such a group of people is to stand together and reach a communal decision that they want independence, and to lay claim to it within the allowable framework of the law.

Proposed Region

The Afrikaner Society's constitutional development committee collaborated with other Afrikaner and legitimate non-Afrikaner role players to identify the following proposed region within the current Republic of South Africa for further discussion.

The Society is committed to an inclusive process and welcomes comments, which will be taken into account during the finalization of the area.

Demographics in the Proposed Area

Currently, the demographics are manipulated in the proposed region, it includes illegal aliens from other African countries, as well as people who are being strategically migrated by the current government for political gain with Afrikaner economic exclusion and tax money.

Despite this, based on available population estimates derived from official census and other reports, Afrikaners make up at least 65% of the population in the proposed area.

When the area becomes an independent state, the return of Afrikaners abroad will change demographics such that Afrikaners will make up more than two thirds of the population.

Design your Future

The Afrikaner Society shall make relevant information available on a regular basis. Become a role player and join, so that your input can be taken into account and you can stay up to date with the latest developments.

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